Monkey Island Estate Hotel Garden Design

Monkey Island Estate Hotel is owned by luxury hotel group YTL and spans across 7 acres. YTL enlisted the AV Garden Design team to create a romantic and sensory experience for its guests and visitors. Monkey Island Estate lies on a picturesque island in the River Thames in the historic village of Bray. Monkey Island has a fascinating 800 year old history, having been the haunt of Monks, Royalty, Aristocrats and a host of famous writers and performers. The neglected estate provided a relatively blank canvas for the Garden Design team to create a fresh, contemporary soft landscaping design which would entice guests throughout the seasons and being an island, needed to look good from every angle.

The A V Garden Design team created a dramatic outdoor space to complement the luxurious interiors of the hotel, whilst challenging some well-established garden rules by incorporating 6 different planting styles.  These winning combinations provide interesting and harmonious patterns across the Estate. The gardens infuse traditional herbaceous, prairie and architectural block planting borders, creating a sense of place, carving out views and vistas which encompass the key ingredients to our style of Garden Design. With an unusual existing layout of hard-landscaping and lighting, the focus was therefore to design and implement the soft landscaping.