Petworth Garden Design Surrey

Running alongside an old Victorian wall, this garden stretches over an area of 1200 square meters and provides a diverse mix of grasses, perennials, prairie plants and a mixture of specimen trees. The topography of the area provided the perfect slope for an interesting Garden Design, the meandering pathways edged with hardwood, pervious fine gravel and hardwood sleeper steps juxtapose beautifully against the soft planting pallets.
This Garden Design provides the perfect habitat for pollinators and wildlife. The large block planting layout entices the user to wonder through the garden with ease, the use of tall grasses, verbena and fennel provide a semi-transparent enclosed feeling which embraces you as you walk through. Great Garden Design combines the repetition of the similar plants throughout a scheme whilst throwing in architectural species and bold splashes of colour – this is demonstrated here. The beauty with this style of Garden Design is the ease of maintenance, you can simply leave the garden to its own devises until early spring when its due a cut back, it’s easy to identify a weed within the large blocks and the heights of each block, mean the plants either support themselves or use a neighbouring plant to lean on.